The ESDM and Play Skills


Autism is a complex neurodevelopment condition. Early intervention is key to helping children with autism. The Early Start Denver Model, or ESDM, is an intervention for young children with autism. It is delivered by our certified ESDM therapists. At our Sydney clinic, OnOnOne Children’s Therapy is proud to offer this early intervention to all our families. Let’s take a deeper look at the ESDM and play skills. This series of posts will help parents understand how the ESDM improves the features of autism so children can grow and learn. What is play? Play is the ability to play with toys…

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Learning to do up buttons and zippers

By | Occupational Therapy

Developing independence in self care skills is one of our goals for all children. Children love the sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent. There are so many great ways to help children learn to: do up buttons zip and unzip use press duds (also known as snaps) You don’t even have to be using the buttons and zippers. So many activities practice the specific skills and are lots of fun. What skills does your child need for buttons and zippers? They need to be able to some complex things. They need: Bilateral Coordination (using both sides of the…

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