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An early intervention clinic for children who have autism, developmental delays, disability, and learning difficulties. OneOnOne Children’s Therapy, led by expert Speech Pathologists, Occupational and ESDM Therapists, and Psychologists, is committed to helping your children shine and gain crucial life skills.

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All parents want the very best for their children and want to see them succeed in their social, developmental and learning spheres of life. With OneOnOne, you ensure high-quality and individualized treatment and support for your child’s development.

Rewarding, empathetic, family-centered, and successful, we are committed to ensuring that children facing developmental and learning difficulties, social challenges, and feeding problems are catered to with diligence, in-depth assessments, and a multidisciplinary approach.


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Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy assessment, Occupational Therapy gym, Mascot, Bondi Junction, pincer grip
  • Susan Marden
  • 08 22, 18

Occupational Therapy and a pincer grasp

p small objects with their thumb and forefinger. It normally develops between the ages of 9-12 months. What happens if children don’t have a good pincer grasp? Children who have an immature grasp will find it difficult to play with small toys such as blocks and beads. They may also struggle to independently complete self care tasks such as dressing (clasping buttons, zips and laces) and eating with cutlery. It will also effect their fine motor development in the lead up to...

Young boy doing fine motor skills in Early STart Denver Model ESDM clinic with Occupational Therapist in Bondi Junction or Mascot.
  • Susan Marden
  • 05 14, 23

ESDM and fine motor skills

utism. The Early Start Denver Model, or ESDM, is an intervention for young children with autism. It is delivered by our certified ESDM therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists. At our Bondi Junction and Mascot clinic, OnOnOne Children’s Therapy is proud to offer this early intervention to all our families. Let’s look at how the ESDM develops fine motor skills. This series of posts will help parents understand how the ESDM improves the features of autism so children can grow and learn. What are fine motor...

Group of children with autism doing the Early Start Denver Model ESDM early intervention in a clinic in Mascot Sydney
  • Susan Marden
  • 05 06, 23

ESDM in our Mascot clinic

We were the first private ESDM clinic in Sydney have been offering the ESDM from our Bondi Junction for the past 10 years. We are delighted to let everyone know that we will now be offering the ESDM from our Mascot clinic! OneOnOne Children’s Therapy has been operating from Bondi junction where we have 2 amazing clinics. We offer the ESDM in both clinics. However, our larger clinic has the space to allow us to offer the intensive Group ESDM program. Families travel from all over Sydney to...

Two young children with autism doing the Early Start Denver Model ESDM in an Occupational Therapy gym at Bondi Junction Sydney
  • Susan Marden
  • 05 06, 23

ESDM – why choose it?

ntervention? Who are the best therapists? How do I make sure therapy helps my child. The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is the primary choice of intervention for families of young children with autism. It is the intervention we use at OneOnOne Children’s Therapy. Why do families choose the ESDM? Research supports the ESDM The ESDM has research behind it to shows that young children with autism improve using this model of intervention. The primary research comes from the University of California (UCLA...


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OneOnOne’s child therapy programs and interventions are delivering holistic support for parents and their children. Together, we will help your child overcome their challenges and grow into individuals with strong personalities who achieve their potential.

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