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An early intervention clinic for children who have autism, developmental delays, disability, and learning difficulties. OneOnOne Children’s Therapy, led by expert Speech Pathologists, Occupational and ESDM Therapists, and Psychologists, is committed to helping your children shine and gain crucial life skills.

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All parents want the very best for their children and want to see them succeed in their social, developmental and learning spheres of life. With OneOnOne, you ensure high-quality and individualized treatment and support for your child’s development.

Rewarding, empathetic, family-centered, and successful, we are committed to ensuring that children facing developmental and learning difficulties, social challenges, and feeding problems are catered to with diligence, in-depth assessments, and a multidisciplinary approach.


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Project ImPACT is a parent training program that equips parents with the knowledge and skills to teach their child social communication skills
  • Susan Marden
  • 03 02, 20

Project ImPACT – Parent coaching in social communication

ed on best practices in early intervention. Teaches core social communication skills in a developmental framework Uses a blend of developmental and ABA teaching strategies within play and daily caregiving routines Uses effective parent coaching and engagement strategies to help parents learn and use the intervention Includes elements to support community use, including detailed procedures, family-friendly materials, and two flexible delivery models Who is Project ImPACT for? Project ImPACT is for young children with social communication delays, including autism spectrum disorder. It is designed for children up to...

  • Susan Marden
  • 01 20, 20

How to help your child talk – Tip #1 is modelling

learn to talk by hearing other people talk. They hear all the people all around them talk. This process of listening to other people talk starts from the day they are born. Their little brains are hard wired to take in sounds and words from the very beginning. Children, from babaies to pre-schoolers, learn language from the people around them. They learn language from the people they spend the most time with. This is usually the parent. However, it can be siblings, grandparents,...

Project ImPACT is a parent training program that equips parents with the knowledge and skills to teach their child social communication skills
  • Susan Marden
  • 01 20, 20

Is my child’s communication developing properly?

ars in your child’s life are a critical time for communication development. Watching your child begin to communicate, and then to become a very proficient communicator is an amazing process. All of this happens in a relatively short period of time, and it is a process that Speech Pathologist understand in great detail. For many children the development of communication is a straightforward process. However, some children take longer to talk, and some children need help to build the foundations for communication. The following checklists have been...


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OneOnOne’s child therapy programs and interventions are delivering holistic support for parents and their children. Together, we will help your child overcome their challenges and grow into individuals with strong personalities who achieve their potential.

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