frequently asked questioNs

I've been told my child needs therapy, what does this mean ?

This means that your child’s developmental progress has been compared to what would be expected of a child of the same age. If your child’s development is below the expected range, then therapy sessions may be recommended. The goal is to mprove areas of concern so your child achieves his or her potential.

What does an assessment therapy involve ?

  • Initial consultations involve the collection of information about your child and family as well as either a formal or informal assessment to determine whether treatment is required or not.
  • The length of the assessment will vary. These assessments usually take between 1-2 hours. They can be split across two separate sessions to prevent the effects of tiredness. A full follow up report, including recommendations and suggestions for therapy, will be emailed to you within two weeks.
  • Therapy sessions typically last between 45 minutes to an hour. It begins with the therapist goals for your child and determining how often you will attend sessions. The therapist will then begin providing therapy/ intervention for these specific goals. Home practice is usually given verbally or in written format.
  • Treatment consists of evidence-based methods which are tailored to your child’s capabilities and needs.
  • Therapy sessions can be conducted with or without the parents in the room. If parents do not stay in the session, then feedback is given about the specific techniques that would be helpful for home practice.
  • Group therapy sessions do not have parents in the room, but you are welcome to wait in the waiting room. Feedback is given to you at the end of the group.

Will my child enjoy their sesson ?

Yes. The children love their sessions. Your child will receive 1:1 interaction for 45 minutes to an hour and is focused on your child’s individual needs. Your child’s learning is positively reinforced and there is a great sense of achievement with each learning stage.

How long will therapy take ?

It can be hard to estimate how long therapy will take as children take differing times to learn new skills. Some children have more complex issues and therapy can be more intensive and it is longer term. However, when your child is progressing well and meeting the expected level of development, then therapy is discontinued. Some children are monitored for a while to make sure that they continue with their progress, other children achieve their milestones and are discharged from therapy.

How do you work in a team with our family ?

We provide therapy services in partnership with you and other educational or health professionals. We liaise with the people that are involved in your child’s team of therapists and educators to ensure that we are all working together to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Do I need a referral from a GP for therapy services ?

No referral is needed to access our therapy services. However, individual circumstances may mean that you are eligible for a Medicare rebate. You will need a referral to claim these rebates. Please see additional information below.

Fees and funding

Can I claim any of the fees on my Healthcare Fund or Medicare ?

There are a number of funding solutions that may be available for your child as follows:

You may be able to claim therapy services through your private health insurance. The amount covered, and the number of sessions covered, will depend on your health insurance plan. Please check with your health fund to ensure that speech pathology is included in your cover, and to find out the amount you are eligible to claim for each assessment or therapy session.

Your child might meet the criteria for access to the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan (formerly the Enhanced Primary Care plan) through Medicare, which provides a rebate for up to 5 sessions. These sessions can be renewed once per calendar year. Each referral is valid for 12 months. Please speak to your GP to find out if your child is eligible. If they are eligible, then a referral letter from your GP is required to claim the rebates.

OneOnOne Therapy for Children can accept children who are self-managed or third party managed under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Please contact our clinic if you need more details about claiming under the NDIS.