child learning to use cutlery with fine motor issues in Bondi Junction and Mascot

Learning cutlery skills

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Learning to use cutlery is a big step for kids as they become more independent and capable at mealtime. Using a knife, fork, and spoon helps children eat neatly and efficiently, making mealtime more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s explore how children learn cutlery skills and the exciting journey of mastering this important co-ordination skill. How Children Learn to Use Cutlery Observation: Children often start by watching others use cutlery, like their parents, siblings, or peers. They observe how utensils are held, how food is picked up, and how bites are taken. This helps them understand the basics of using cutlery….

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A group of children with autism doing the Early Start Denver model, ESDM, in a preschool in Bondi Junction Sydney

ESDM in preschool and daycare

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What is the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)? The Early Start Denver Model, or the ESDM, is an intervention for young children with autism. Parents look for the best intervention for their child. They spend long periods of time finding the best early intervention clinic for their child. They ask about the best ways to support their child’s development. Eventually, most parents ask about supporting their child’s development at preschool. Let’s look at how the Early Start Denver Model, or ESDM, can support children in the preschool or daycare. Why is it important to use the Early Start Denver Model…

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