What is Developmental Language Disorder?

By July 2, 2018 May 14th, 2023 Speech Pathology
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Developmental Language Disorder means that children are slower to develop language. Their language does not develop in the same way as their peers. Our Speech Pathology team explain to parents that these children have challenges:

  • understanding what other people say
  • talking and communicating to other people
  • understanding written language
  • Using written language at school

How does it impact children?

These communication difficulties can cause challenges that impact the child’s ability to:

  • make friends
  • learn at school
  • understand and complete written work

It has a significant impact on the child’s social and emotional well-being. Developmental Language Disorder usually affects 2 children in every classroom. This is a lifelong issue and impacts into childhood. The following challenges can occur:

  • Difficulty understanding information and instructions, difficulty understanding conversations around them,  remembering what other people said
  • Challenges using words and sentences to express thoughts, information, feelings, opinions and ideas
  • Speech sounds are not clear so other people can understand them
  • Using language socially makes it harder to communicate with friends and family

How does Speech Pathology help?

Our Speech Pathologists can help children with Developmental Language Disorder by:

  • Developing achievable speech and language goals that develop the child’s language skills
  • Teaching the child strategies so they can manage better. This could include making sure they are comfortable asking the teacher questions and teaching them simple questions to ask the teacher
  • Using a visual system to help them understand and remember instructions. Many simple and easy visual systems are available
  • Working with teaching staff to choose clear, achievable recommendations in the child’s education plan
  • Getting extra time for the student o complete tasks.

What happens in an assessment?

A child with Developmental Language Disorder starts with a Speech Pathology assessment. Goals are chosen and the Speech Pathology intervention addresses these goals. The Speech Pathologist will work with the child, their family and the school to improve the child’s language skills, and develop strategies that work for each child. Speech Pathology is individualised to support the child’s unique challenges. Children with Developmental Language Disorder can grow up the be happy, successful people who know how to manage their differences.

What do I do if I am concerned?

If your are concerned about your child’s language skills then speak to our Speech Pathologists at OneOnOne Children’s Therapy. In our Bondi Junction clinic, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can make a recommendation about assessment and intervention. We can be contacted on (02) 80657837 or email us.