Occupational Therapy – why it’s important

By October 16, 2018 May 14th, 2023 Occupational Therapy

Why do some children need Occupational Therapy?

The first three years of a child’s life are critical for development. This is when they develop communication, motor skills and cognition. The brain makes enormous developments during this period that lead to these skills. However, some children don’t develop these skills at the same rate or in the same way as their peers. Some young children take longer to develop, some develop these skills poorly, and some children have associated conditions that impact on these areas. Children need Occupational Therapy when don’t develop their ability to move well early in life. Occupational Therapy early on in life, can positively impact a child’s development.

When is Occupational Therapy needed?

Children need Occupational Therapy when they have motor development issues. They also need it when they have difficulty with everyday activities. This includes difficulties with balance, coordination, strength and endurance. It also includes challenges around drawing, using scissors and stringing beads. In fact, Occupational Therapy improves anything that challenges a child in their everyday life. Some children may present with a language delay.

Motor delays impact more than just movement. If the Speech Pathologists sees a child with delayed play skills, they will refer to the Occupational Therapist. This is because play skills directly impact language development. They go together. The Occupational Therapist works on the child’s motor skills to improve play. Then the Speech Pathologist works on the language skills so that the child’s language moves forward.

What do Occupational Therapists work on?

With Occupational Therapy intervention, children can improve motor skills, cognitive skills, communication skills, social skills and limit the impact of a developmental delay.

The Occupational Therapist determines the intervention required based on the child’s delay, disability or condition. The Occupational Therapist assesses each child then makes intervention recommendations to improve movement and learning.

What to do when you worry about your child?

If you have concerns about your child’s skills in any of these areas, then call our Occupational Therapists at our Bondi Junction clinic. They will answer any questions and book your child in for an assessment. We can be contacted on (02) 80657837 or you can email us.