Children’s speech development

By June 10, 2024 June 13th, 2024 Speech Pathology
Young boy doing speech pathology to work on speech development

Children’s speech development is an amazing journey filled with new sounds, words, and expressions. As kids grow, they learn to communicate in different ways, from babbling as babies to talking in sentences as they get older. Let’s explore how children’s speech develops and the exciting milestones along the way.

How Children’s Speech Develops

  1. Babbling Babies: Babies start communicating from the moment they’re born, even before they can talk. They babble and coo, making all sorts of cute sounds to express themselves and interact with the world around them.
  2. First Words: Around 6 to 12 months old, babies start saying their first words. These are usually simple words like “mama,” “dada,” “ball,” or “dog.” They might not get the words exactly right at first, but it’s a big step toward communication!
  3. Vocabulary Explosion: As toddlers, children’s vocabulary explodes! They start learning new words like crazy, picking up words from books, songs, and conversations. It’s amazing to see how quickly they can learn and remember new words.
  4. Putting Words Together: Around 2 to 3 years old, children start putting words together to form simple sentences. They might say things like “more juice” or “big doggie.” It’s the beginning of real conversation!
  5. Language Skills Grow: As children get older, their language skills continue to grow. They learn new words, understand more complex ideas, and express themselves more clearly. It’s like watching them unlock the secrets of language!
  6. Fine-Tuning Pronunciation: Pronouncing words can be tricky! Children might struggle with certain sounds or say words in their own unique way. But with practice and patience, they get better at saying words clearly and accurately.

Exciting Milestones in Speech Development

  1. First Word: Hearing a baby say their first word is a magical moment for parents and caregivers. It’s a sign that their little one is starting to understand and use language to communicate.
  2. Naming Objects: When toddlers start pointing to objects and saying their names, it’s a big milestone in speech development. It shows they can connect words to real things in their world.
  3. Sentence Formation: Hearing a child put words together to form sentences is a major milestone. It opens up a whole new world of communication and allows them to express their thoughts and feelings more fully.
  4. Storytelling Skills: As children’s language skills improve, they become great storytellers! They love to recount their adventures, share their imagination, and make up their own stories.
  5. Conversations: Having a real conversation with a child is a special moment. It’s amazing to see them engage in back-and-forth exchanges, ask questions, and share their thoughts and ideas.
  6. Reading and Writing Readiness: Speech development also lays the foundation for reading and writing skills. As children learn to speak, they also develop important pre-literacy skills like recognising letters, understanding sounds, and storytelling.


Children’s speech development is an incredible journey filled with milestones and discoveries. From babbling babies to chatty toddlers, each stage is a step toward becoming confident communicators. By understanding how speech develops and celebrating the exciting milestones along the way, we can support children as they learn and grow into expressive and articulate individuals!

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