Occupational Therapy and ‘W’ sitting

By January 20, 2020 May 14th, 2023 Occupational Therapy
A child W sitting with an Occupational Therapist in and Occupational Therapy gym in Bondi Junction and Mascot in Sydney.

What is W sitting?

‘W’ sitting is when you sit on your bottom, with knees bent, feet tucked under and out to each side in a “W” configuration. When should I worry if my child is ‘W’ sitting?

Why do children W sit?

W sitting is a position that provides a wide base of support for children to feel stable and balanced when sitting. Children with weak posture and /or difficulties staying balanced may adopt this position.

Does it matter if my child sits like this?

Our Occupational Therapists at our Bondi Junction believe that W sitting hinders a child’s development. It hinders their development of midline crossing and strong trunk control (core strength). Frequent and prolonged W sitting is detrimental to a child’s physical and motor development.  If your child W sits encourage them to “fix your legs” (and sit with legs crossed), kneel with their knees together and feet together or lie on their tummy. Even the Department of Education recognises the importance of motor development.

If you have tried to help your child to sit better and find that they continue to sit in a ‘W’ position then it is time to come  and see one of our Occupational Therapists. At our Bondi Junction clinic, they can assess your child and work on the underlying reason why the W sit. An Occupational Therapy program that builds underlying strength and co-ordination will help your child’s overall motor skills.

If you are concerned that your child’s sitting?, then our Occupational Therapists can help you. We have 2 clinic at at Bondi Junction and Mascot. We  can be reached on (02) 8065787 or via email. Our Occupational Therapists would love to talk to you about your concerns. They can book your child in for an assessment and help them  build more strengthened co-ordination.