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The Early Start Denver Model Parent Program

Parents are instrumental in the intervention of their child with autism. Parents know their children better than anybody else. When parents do the Parent-ESDM they are able to deliver effective intervention at home. Parents  use their knowledge of their child to facilitate their child’s learning and communication. It is a reflective style of training that current research strongly supports. OneOnOne Children’s Therapy uses Parent-ESDM. This is because we believe that a parent knows their child best and family is the most important for the child.

The Parent-ESDM is a 12 week course. It has the parent, child and therapist in a one hour work and play session. We use the parent ESDM manual, ‘An Early Start For Your Child With Autism’.

During the Parent-ESDM sessions, we work with you and your child to develop the ability to understand and use the principles of the Early Start Denver Model. When parents use these principles across their child’s day then the child’s ability to learn is exponentially increased. Parent -ESDM also ensures that your child uses the skills in other environments.

The Early Start Denver Model is best practice for young children with autism. We constantly strive to deliver the Early Start Denver Model at a high level of fidelity. OneOnOne Children’s Therapy was the first small private intervention clinic in New South Wales to offer this evidence based practice.

If you are interested in learning more about how the  Parent-ESDM can support your child’s learning and development, please call us on (02) 80657837 or email us.


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